All The 1 Inch Drive Impact Sockets You Need

If you are looking for a 1 inch drive impact socket then you are in the right place! For whatever reason it seems difficult to find one-inch drive sockets online. We decided to fix that.

Whether you need metric or standard (SAE), we've got you covered. There are 4-point sockets, 6-point sockets and just about everything else you can imagine. And that's not to mention the various socket adapters.

Need something big and heavy duty for a tough job? No problem, we have one inch drive impact sockets as large as 105mm. That's larger than 4" and weighs over 10 pounds!

We took the time to find all the 1" drive sockets on Amazon and put them in one place to make them easy to find. Now you don't have to get frustrated sorting out the 1/2" drive sockets all the search engines seem to keep bringing up when you are just searching for one inch drive. Just browse here for the size you need and complete your purchase on Amazon.

You can start by browsing some of these top sellers!

Below is a catalog of every 1" drive impact socket available on Amazon. Browse below for the size you need.
We are always adding new products as they become available, so check back soon for more one inch drive sockets!